my first blog post :)


Hello, this is going to be my first blog post EVER. I hope you all will enjoy this journey down the path of music with me. This first post is going to be simply an introduction and sort of a small guide on how my future blog posts will be like.

It is important for me to let you all know that this blog isn’t just for me, this blog is to share music and have amazing discussions about it with my readers. If you have a song that you think I should write about, I’ll gladly listen to it. I am constantly looking for new music that I can relate to or simply able to vibe with.

When I eventually begin my blog, I intend to follow this set of markers to help my readers get the most of what I’m saying. Those markers being:

  1. Song name
  2. Artist info
  3. Genre
  4. Miscellaneous
  5. What the song makes me feel/Opinion

I’m going to do my best to make sure that I follow my own set of markers and try to avoid getting too messy with my format. If you’re reading this post and you want to give me some constructive criticism, I’ll gladly read it and look into it. Especially since my blogging knowledge is extremely small compared to others, but I won’t let that stop me in my tracks.

Thank you all for reading my first post, I hope you stick around for the long run. Goodbye, ’till next time!



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