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Welcome again to my blog, this is going to be my second blog post and today we’re going to talk about the Silversun Pickups’ song Lazy Eye.  The song has a few accolades, like how it reached platinum (1,000,000 times sold) and placed high on many music charts. The genre in which this song belongs to, is Indie Rock. Although on Wikipedia (terrible source, I know), a few other genres are mentioned. The genres being Shoegazing and Dream Pop. Initially I didn’t even know these genres existed before writing this post, but as I read about them I couldn’t deny that Silversun Pickups music does feel like it belongs there. I don’t want to fill this post with too information of genres and such, so if you are interested in reading about them I’ll leave a link below.

Dream Pop


When I first discovered the song I was around the age of twelve to fourteen while playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band and I didn’t understand it at the time. Years later I stumbled upon it from a Spotify suggestion and once I listened to it nostalgia instantly just rolled in. Only now, at my current age, did I decide to research the song meaning and band history.

The song, Lazy Eye, as referenced by places like Genius and Wikipedia, say that song’s lyrics talk about being hesitant of falling in love with someone due to the other person having some imperfections. As song the progresses, he eventually comes around and decides to the love the other person anyway.

Personally, I think the song is great and it makes me feel like I’ve been taken to where the band wants me to be. There is a lot of emotion in the song, not only in the vocals, but in the instruments as well. I find it hard to hear this song and not think about my own emotions and being with friends.


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