Eventually by Tame Impala

Hello again, welcome to my blog. Today’s song is going to be Tame Impala’s Eventually. The song that was part of the masterpiece of an album known as Currents. The album topped the charts in a few countries like Australia for example and placed 4th on the US Billboard 200. Currents is highly acclaimed through out music industry, especially for being nominated for various awards and winning Best Rock Album and Album of the year of Aria Awards.

2015 Lollapalooza - Day 2

Kevin Parker, the man behind Tame Impala, won Engineer of Year and Producer of the year at the same event. For those who don’t know much about Tame Impala, Kevin Parker is the person who plays almost all the instruments in Tame Impalas discography. On Wikipedia he is credited for playing every instrument, writing every song, vocals, production, mixing and engineering on Currents.


(Eventually, being one of the singles on the album,

has its own artwork.)

Tame Impala’s Currents, as mentioned by Wikipedia, belongs to the genres Psychedelic Pop, DiscoR&B and Synthpop.

On the lyrical website known as Genius, it shows us the message that Kevin Parker himself wanted us to understand. The song talks about impending doom that comes at the end of a relationship and how difficult it is for both people in the partnership. It also mentions that one should just end the relationship immediately, for each person’s sake, since the longer you wait causes it to only hurt more.

Personally, the song feels like huge relief. This song was a big deal to me when I first arrived to the university, it was always so relaxing and magical to hear this song. It makes me feel as if one’s worries are something that can be resolved…eventually. I recommend to all those who listened to Eventually to go and listen to Currents completely.


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