Rose Golden by Kid Cudi

Welcome back to my blog! Today’s post is going be about Rose Golden by Kid Cudi featuring Willow (Smith).

First of all, Kid Cudi, who is most known for his single Day ‘n’ Nite is well recognized throughout the Hip-Hop community. He has various nominations and collaborations to back it up with. His only Grammy win was for the song All of the Lights which was a collaboration with Kanye West, Rihanna and Fergie.

The song Rose Golden is part of the album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’ which was released December 16, 2016. Before the release of the album, Kid Cudi mentioned on a Facebook post that he was suffering from depression and suicidal urges. He had decided to check himself into rehabilitation facility around early October. The first news of his release was in early November, making the album that was released in December very relevant to his ongoing problems.


The song Rose Golden, as shown on Genius, talk about being destined for greatness and the countless obstacles in life. It also talks about how only a select group of people are there for him, that believe in him and the potential he has to grow into something amazing.

Rose Golden in my opinion is a touching song, it puts you in his Kid Cudi’s place during the depression he suffered. Many people fall into depression, they just become unsatisfied with the direction they’ve taken. I’ll admit it, even I’ve gone down that road myself, but this song mentions that there are people who understand you and will be there to help you out. Remember, you aren’t alone and you should always aim to be the best version of yourself.

‘Till next time.



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