Frank Ocean’s Blonde Podcast and my experience making it.

Welcome back to my blog!

A few days ago I finished my first podcast ever. I did the podcast on one of my favorite albums, Blonde, by Frank Ocean. In this podcast ‘White Shadow’ (played by my friend Sebastian) and myself both break down EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. Which totals to seventeen songs, which is a lot in my opinion. Making a podcast was a tough experience, but it gave me a good understanding on the work many Youtubers and, of course, podcasters go through when they create episodes, work, etc.


First of all, I want to mention that Blonde was my favorite album of 2016. Though, I must admit, the first time I listened to Blonde…I disliked it a lot. I went in expecting an album that resembled the album he made a few years back, Channel Orange. Then I decided, that I shouldn’t give up on it yet and I continue to hear it. Now, it’s an album that left has left it’s mark on me forever.

To conclude, I want to mention that this experience was a ton of fun. Being able to combine these two things together was definitely an experience. All the ghetto moments trying to create it was also hilarious.


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